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ALEM brand Electrically Operated Overhead Travelling Cranes are designed & manufactured in accordance with IS: 3177 and IS: 4137. The structural parts of the cranes are designed in as per with IS: 807 and IS: 800. Our cranes are manufactured with standard components and controls to ensure reliability. ALEM manufactures Single Girder Overhead Cranes in SWLs ranging from 250kg to 20MT in different configurations. The single girder design, in general preferred up to 20T capacity and span of 20M. Typically, beam or box type main girders are used depending on the span of the crane. A castellated girder structure can also be employed to save weight or to reduce the effect of wind forces for outdoor duty cranes. We specialise in custom built long span cranes where finite element analysis is used to optimise the natural frequency and design a robust structure for smooth operation. The distance from the hook at the top most position to the top of the gantry is often greater than in double girder designs, although low headroom hoists can minimize this limitation.

These cranes can be offered with a range of standard electric wire rope hoists or chain hoists depending on the your requirement. Low headroom hoists are used where vertical space is at a premium to achieve maximum lift. Precise control of all motions is achieved through Variable Frequency Drives. Additionally, we also supply Single Girder Cranes in a ‘torsion box’ type arrangement, featuring a cantilever mounted ALEM hoist.

ALEM electric overhead traveling cranes are designed & manufactured in accordance with IS 3177 considering adequate factor of safety with respect appropriate duty classifications. The structural parts of the cranes are designed in accordance with IS 807. Product range includes single girder cranes for jib cranes,.Monobox crane. Goliath crane & H.O T cranes to suit customers specific requirements to handle material most efficiently


From 250 kgs to 20000 kgs.

  • Design : Compact dimensions, low weight, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  • ALEM cranes have high quality structural assembly.
  • Optimum design of the structure avoiding dead weight and reducing the cost of the equipment.
  • ALEM cranes have minimum maintenance.
  • Load tested to 125% and certified by Electro from tests undertaken in our own workshops.

Following are the unique attributes of EOT cranes:

  • Economical Design by providing manual long and cross travel facility with a provision for using either an electric hoist or a motorized chain pulley block
  • Customized design to match the budget of the customer
  • Low head room which in turn reduces the cost of the shed/building
  • Very much suitable for power house cranes where these cranes are used for maintenance.
  • Highly Competitive Prices

  • Designs conform to IS 807, IS 3177 or IS 4137.
  • Optimum design ensuring minimum dead weight, wheel load, head room and clearances, reducing building costs.
  • Forged wheels moved on spherical roller bearing resulting in trouble free service for cross and long travel.
  • Wide range of lifts.
  • Wide range of speeds for hoisting, micro-hoisting and long travel to suit every operational requirement.
  • Hobbed gears from high carbon alloy steels for long trouble free service.
  • Standardised unit sub-assemblies are used complete range ensuring spares supply from stocks.
  • Quick deliveries and prompt after sales service.
  • V.V.F Drive used in Double Speed Cranes.


Safe Working Load: 500 kgs to 50,000 kgs
Span: 30 mtrs
Height of Lift: As per customer specifications
Class of Duty / Standards: M5 to M8 as per IS 3177 / IS 807
Speeds: As per clients’ specification / application.
Crane Control: From floor through Pendant Push Buttons / Open cabin / totally enclosed cabin with master control, operation at 110/24V, Electrical switch gear mounted inside dust proof control panels with suitable access for maintenance. Optionally through Radio Remote Control.
LIMIT SWITCHES: The hoisting / lowering motion is prevented from overshooting the pre-determined range by two rotary type limit switches, for the Cross & Long Traverse motion lever type limit switches are provided.
Drive System: Twin Drive through Squirrel Cage Induction Geared Motors with built-in fail safe brakes
Motors: Squirrel Cage Induction Crane duty motors, IP 55 enclosure, S4 duty, 40% CDF
Brakes: Fail safe, Electromagnetic Disc / Shoe or Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brakes of 150% torque or more are fitted on shaft extensions in all motion. For heavy duty craces, a second brake can mounted to ensure fail safe operations. ACEM / DCEM disc type brakes, optionally Shoe type brakes for hoist & LT motion
Power Supply System: To Hoist and Cross Travel through C-Rail Cable system / Cable Drag Chain To Crane through Shrouded Bus Bars / Trailing Cable / MS Angle Iron Conductors / Bare Copper Conductors (depending on customer's choice and application)
Structure: Radiographed butt welded joints ensure defect free safe rigid structure. The material of construction confirms to IS 2062 & the Bridge designed for minimum vibrations.
HOIST MECHANISAM: The rope drums are fabricated out of seamless tubes or steel plates conforming IS 2062 & driven by a motor, through totally enclosed oil immersed Gear box with helical teeth, flexible gear connection. The lower block consists of encased rope sheave of adequate dimensions as recommende by the relevant standards.
CROSS TRAVERSE MECHANISM: Wheel driven by electric motor through totally enclosed, oil immersed gear box, floating shafts, flexible geared coupling drive for input & output connections.
LONG TRAVERSE MECHANISM: Single / Twin drive by electric motor through horizontal / vertical gear box. Flexible geared coupling drive of input & output connections.
WHEEL ASSEMBLIES: Trolley & crane wheels are straight treaded, double flanged steel wheels on antifriction roller bearing in special L – Type bearing blocks. Open gear & Pinion type wheels also used.
Gear Boxes: Precision flat helical / spur gear units in light alloy housings with case-hardened gears, high-grade surface treatment and permanent oil /grease lubrication.
Soft Starts : Electric / Electronic soft start modules electrically coupled to the long travel drives to achieve jerk free, cushioned & smooth starts.
Maintenance Platform with Hand Railing: Easy, simple & safe maintenance of the Crane extended partially or totally along the girder. Our array of EOT Cranes is developed using finest quality raw material such as Ms Sheets, MS angles, I beam, motors, brakes. These are ideal for power house cranes where these cranes are used for maintenance. Our high performance gamut requires low maintenance and can be tailored as per the demand of clients.