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ALEM is a leading supplier of EOT Cranes, Hoists, Flame Proof Cranes, Customized Solutions, Crane Spares & Accessories, Chain Pulley Blocks, Elevators, Material Handling Equipments, Winces, etc.. Our products can be installed at several locations nation wide & globally, for handling a wide variety of materials. ALEM manufactures and delivers a comprehensive range Electric Overhead Travelling cranes used in most industries. Our range of industrial cranes & components is available with lifting capacity of up to 250 tons and includes wire rope hoist or open winch design, as well as Explosion proof cranes, and a variety of crane components.

ALEM products are manufactured to rigid quality standards and factory tested prior to shipment. Our pre-engineered products are designed as per IS guidelines for all classes and offers solutions for all lifting and material handling needs from high capacity cranes to heavy duty process cranes & products. ALEM also makes modular cranes and tailor-made lifting solutions for the end clients.

Standard Features

  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with IS specifications considering adequate factor of safety with respect to appropriate duty classifications. Structural components designed in accordance with IS 807.

  • ALEM use standard components and controls to ensure reliability.

  • Rapid access to spare parts of the products for minimum inconvenience to end user.

  • Reduced scheduled maintenance and emergency downtime.

  • Load tested to 125% and certified by ALEM from tests undertaken in our own workshops.

  • Easily adjustable limit-switches.

  • High quality structural assembly ensures compliance with ISO 4301.

  • Structural components are fabricated from rolled steel with internal diaphragms, supports, and gussets for high torsional resistance.

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